about captain jerry's screen printing. Over 40 years of business

Over 40 Years of Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Promotional Product Design Service in Baltimore, MD

Captain Jerry’s is a family owned screen printing company offering printed apparel, promotional products and embroidery. A Baltimore business since 1976, we are detail-oriented to ensure superior quality in everything we do. We pride ourselves on our customer service and fast, dependable ONE DAY turnaround times!

Our award-winning art department specializes in creating new and original designs to ensure that you receive the highest quality artwork possible. If you’re not sure exactly what art you would like, we are happy to assist you with your unique ideas to create a personalized design that’s best for you!

Captain Jerry’s not only offers garment printing, but also a wide variety of personalized promotional products and a custom embroidery service, so we can meet all your custom-printing needs!

Our History: Introducing Screen Printing to Baltimore

Gerald Millman founded Captain Jerry’s screen printing business in 1976. When he first began providing his printing services to Baltimore, Gerald had only a single heat press in his shop, which he used to make custom-printed t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel for local consumers. Delivering high quality customized products created a strong demand for his printing services in the Baltimore area.

To keep up with this demand, he had to explore bigger and better printing techniques to increase his supply and maintain the high quality of the products he produced. With the help of new technology and a tenacious dedication to their craft, Captain Jerry’s introduced silk-screen printing technology to the Baltimore metro area and has since become one of the largest custom screen-printing production facilities on the east coast.

Our Name

Gerald was known for being an enthusiastic self-promoter of his thriving business, but he accomplished quite a bit before he got started in screen printing. He was consistently striving to learn and was a self-taught magician. In his younger years, Millman was not only an airplane pilot, but he also charted the open sea by boat as a captain in the U.S. Coast Guard, hence the name ‘Captain’ Jerry’s.

Like Father, Like Son

After over 20 years of running a successful and renowned business in Baltimore, Maryland, Gerald retired and passed his legacy down to his youngest son, Dean Millman, in 1998. Dean shared his father’s love of screen printing and grew the business to new heights. He prided himself on providing the same printing service & high-quality customized apparel and promotional products to Baltimore consumers that Gerald did. He followed in his father’s footsteps and kept the business growing by consistently providing excellent quality custom promotional products, fast turn-arounds in production, and good old-fashioned service to both old customers and new.

Dean loved the family business and proudly ran the company as sole owner until 2008. It was then that he recruited his own son, Andy, to join the team and learn the business that his father had taught him. Andy became a master of the craft very quickly and was promoted to owner of the family business shortly thereafter in 2011. After taking ownership, Andy streamlined businesses operations and continues to use his innovative networking knowledge to help the company grow and expand like never before.

Custom Screen-Printing Services Offered Nationwide

Captain Jerry’s currently maintains a strong market share. The company has an excellent reputation in the screen printing industry and is a staple of the Baltimore community. They provide the very best promotional products like printed t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, pens and more to local and national consumers. Customers in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Wilmington, and Richmond enjoy the advantage of our convenient 1-day transit, and we now offer delivery to anywhere in the U.S.A. Check out our online catalog and contact one of our team members today to place your next custom order!