Design & Concept: Bringing Your Screen Printing Visions to Life

Since Captain Jerry’s was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1976, there have been plenty of advancements in screen printing technology and the design techniques used to produce high-quality customized apparel and promotional products. Although much of the equipment we use today is similar in comparison to the machinery we started our company with, the way we craft and manipulate the designs that we print or embroider on apparel and promotional products for our customers has transformed and advanced greatly over the past few decades.

We know not everyone is a graphic design expert, which is why we make it easy for customers to provide us with a basic idea, logo, or piece of artwork that we then transform into custom t-shirts, hoodies, promotional products, and more!

Here are our simple DESIGN GUIDELINES for customer artwork submission:

Acceptable File Formats

  • Adobe Illustrator All versions
    Include all imported and linked files. All text must be converted to outlines. A placed rasterized file in Illustrator is NOT camera ready artwork.
  • Adobe InDesign All versions
    Include all imported and linked files and fonts.
  • Corel Draw All versions
    EXPORT or SAVE AS an .ai, .eps or .wmf file. Convert all text to curves. Do not simulate complex fills.
  • Adobe Photoshop All versions (high resolution only)
    Color and grayscale graphics must be at least 200dpi at final printed size. Bitmap graphics should be at least 400 dpi at final printed size. Please send a layered .psd file if available. Files at a lower resolution than listed here will have to be redrawn and therefore will incur artwork costs.
  • PDF Files
    PDF files are usually acceptable. A placed rasterized file in a .pdf format is NOT camera ready artwork.
  • EPS Files
    EPS files are usually acceptable. A placed rasterized file in an .eps format is NOT camera ready artwork.

Unacceptable File Formats

These file formats will require additional art charges:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Word Perfect
  • Print Shop
  • Low resolution GIF and JPEG files

Sending Files

Please e-mail all art files to art @ Files may be stuffed or zipped. Art files may be subject to art/separation fees. This will be determined by the Art Department.

To Captain Jerry’s, screen printing is about more than just adding a design to a t-shirt, hoodie, or other garment. Design skills and artistry are essential to providing our customers with high-quality and long-lasting products they will truly love. Our decades of experience in the industry and our award-winning art department enable us to take our customers’ ideas and designs and bring them to life in ways they never thought possible. The software that our art department uses for file converting and graphic design manipulation has also advanced and improved over the years, and our team is consistently up-to-date and educated on any new advancements in the graphic design software industry.

We view ourselves as more than just a production company, as we also take pride in our ability and dedication to help other businesses and consumers thrive. Captain Jerry’s cares about the success of those in our Baltimore community, and we take plenty of things into consideration when creating customized promotional products and apparel for our customers, like how we can help you best promote your brand and expand your reach on both a local and global scale.

We have a talented team that is educated on branding and promoting business and therefore understands our customers’ specific needs, allowing us to deliver apparel and promotional products that don’t just look great, but help promote the brands they display as well! Contact a member of our Baltimore screen printing team today for more information or to inquire about our wide range of products and services!