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Captain Jerry’s Vinyl Printing: Instant Full-Color Printing on T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Accessories!

Full Color Vinyl Printing

Full color vinyl transfers are the newest addition to Captain Jerry’s long list of garment decoration techniques. This printing process is one that uses design cut-outs and a heat press to transfer the desired design or logo onto a variety of different materials and surfaces. Whether you’re looking for a simple decal or a custom t-shirt or hoodie with your logo, we’ve got the most advanced technology in the industry to deliver the very best in customized products to our customers.

Transfer printing first began in the 1700’s in England and was originally used for embellishing ceramics. A more current version of this printing technique, thermal transfer printing, is transfer printing with the use of a heat source, which didn’t come about until the late 1940’s in America. When coupled with vinyl “stencils”, this heat transfer process became what is known today as vinyl printing, now widely known for its versatility and longevity when it comes to custom printing. Captain Jerry’s uses the latest in printing technology to provide Baltimore, Maryland with the best quality vinyl printed apparel and products.

Key Features & Benefits of Vinyl Printing

• It’s a relatively quick process, so it’s a great way to personalize the same garment multiple times, like for a sports team uniform that contains the same logo on every tee or hoodie but different names and numbers for each player.
• It’s often easier to print more intricate and complex designs onto vinyl as opposed to directly onto the fabric, making for a more attractive final product.
• It has a wide variety of color choices. From glossy to matte to glittery, the effect and texture of your print can be customized to fit your personal preference. Bold colors and fluorescent tones are easily applied in vinyl printing, whereas they are more difficult to achieve with alternative methods of printing.
• This style of printing is known to have low reject rates, meaning the chances of a failed or imperfect print and transfer are low. We guarantee that you will never receive a custom tee, hoodie, jacket, or other personalized garment from Captain Jerry’s that has flaws or defects.

Our Process

Full Color Vinyl Printing

Here at Captain Jerry’s print shop in Baltimore, Maryland, we use only the highest quality machines and materials to print custom designs for our customers. The process begins with a digital file that contains the logo or image you wish to use. The design is then printed with our state-of-the-art CMYK printer. CMYK stands for Cyan–Magenta–Yellow–Black. This type of printer is the industry standard for print material. Our CMYK printers print at 1600 DPI, or dots per inch, which allows for very detailed designs to be printed at brilliant resolutions. Simply put, the higher the DPI, the better the quality.
Our team sets the printers up with 50-yard rolls of white vinyl that are between 20”-30” across, allowing us to print designs of all shapes and sizes. Once the design is finalized, it is printed onto the vinyl. A plotter then cuts out the design and it is placed in the proper position on the textile that is being customized. The excess material is then removed and with a combination of high heat, time, and varying pressure, the design is securely sealed onto the material.

Turnaround Time

Vinyl PrintingAfter your art has been approved by our staff, the turnaround time for vinyl printing can be as quick as ONE DAY. Other materials may differ slightly in production time, but as a team we pride ourselves on producing high quality prints with as little wait time for our customers as possible.
The best part of full color transfers is there are NO MINIMUMS! Order as few as one shirt with any number of imprint colors and locations as you want!

Call us or fill out our quote request form to get a quote on your custom garments. We also offer the same service for decals and banners, so contact our Baltimore, Maryland printing shop today to get started!